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bath pebbles

bath pebbles

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Introducing our bath pebbles – the ultimate fun addition to your kid's bath time!

These colourful, fizzy drops are designed to transform ordinary baths into magical, vibrant experiences. Perfectly sized (like a mentos) each pebble bursts into a dazzling display of colour, making bath time the highlight of your child’s day

Make bath time a splash with our bath pebbles – because every bath should be a fun and colourful adventure!

made in australia
  • formulated for sensitive skin
  • vegan + cruelty free
  • next day dispatch
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why you'll love these...

kid-friendly + safe

Made with gentle, skin-friendly ingredients, our Bath Pebbles are perfect for young, sensitive skin.

no fragrance

Ideal for those with sensitive noses, these pebbles are all about the colour and fizz, without any added fragrances.

easy to use

Simply drop 1-3 pebbles into the bath and watch the magic unfold. Use more pebbles for a more vibrant experience, or just a few for a subtler touch.

educational AND fun

Turn bath time into a fun learning experience by teaching kids about colours and mixing.

budget friendly

Each jar contains 60 pebbles for the kids to enjoy again and again

  • 1 pebble

  • 2 pebbles

  • 3 pebbles

collapsible content

how to use

start by filling your bathtub with warm water to your desired level.

select 1-3 Bath Pebbles. You can mix and match colours for an even more vibrant bath experience.

drop the Bath Pebbles into the water.

sit back and watch as the Bath Pebbles fizz and dissolve, transforming the bath water into a colourful, magical experience.

let your child enjoy their colourful bath. the gentle, skin-friendly ingredients ensure a safe and fun bath time. encourage your child to play and explore the vibrant water.

depending on how many Bath Pebbles you use, you can create a range of colour intensities. Use more pebbles for a more vivid and intense colour, or just one for a subtler hue.

after the bath, simply drain the water. any residue left in the tub can be easily rinsed away.


kid-friendly fun
adds an element of play to bath time, making it an enjoyable and engaging experience for children.

safe ingredients
formulated with gentle, skin-friendly ingredients, ensuring safety for young and sensitive skin.

no fragrance
ideal for children with sensitive noses or allergies, focusing solely on colour and fizz, without added fragrances.

helps children learn about colours and mixing in a fun, interactive way.

easy to use
simple instructions and hassle-free usage make it convenient for parents and fun for kids.

kids can mix and match different colours and control the intensity by adding more or fewer pebbles.

enhances bath routine
turns ordinary baths into special, memorable experiences, making bath time something kids look forward to.


Sodium Bicarbonate
A fancy way of saying bi-carb soda. This is the main ingredient of the bath bombs and it helps to soften the water and your skin, as well as gently exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin cells.

Citric Acid
Combine this with bicarb and water and this is what causes the fizzy reaction

We use a water-soluble colour which firstly means, no staining! Of you, or the bath.
This is also what gives us the pretty bath art and aesthetic for you to lay in and not be in boring ol' bath water.

  • Heaven for sensitive skin!!

    My entire life Because of my sensitive skin I’ve missed out on bubble baths, scented soaps and oils etc...
    but now I enjoy a bath bomb regularly because Fizzin bath bombs make my skin feel better, not flared up and itchy like others.

    - Kristy

  • Yummo

    Smells delicious and as always, gentle on skin and doesnt leave a dirty ring

    - Stacey

  • Must buy

    Writing this review while in the bath with it!!! I never want to get out! So beautiful. And i love how long they last in the bath!

    - Emily

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Absolutely incredible!

These Bath Pebbles are amazing! My niece and nephew love bathbombs but sometimes argue about which to use - not to mention they want to use all my own stash for themselves. My niece (almost 2) loved getting to drop the pebbles in herself and watching the colours mix and change was so fun to her. The lack of scent also makes things a little easier for her too. Just need to make sure we don’t use them all up in one go! Will definitely be purchasing again!


Very pretty colours and fabulous value for kids to use

Stephanie Davies
Bath pebbles ❤️

What a fun product! My little one is loving her bath each night mixing colours with the pebbles. And now I get to keep my bath bombs and sprinkle for me!


Fab little bombs, the purple and blue are especially vibrant