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If your up for a laugh, these are it!
GLITTER EVERYWHERE. You'll even look at your child 2 Days later and wonder "HOW DID THEY GET GLITTER ON THEIR HEAD?!?!"
You are sure to sparkle for 3 days after 😂


Feels great on your hands and scent is amazing too.


Great scent!

Watermelon Sugar High

Perfect scent for my new bathroom! Scent is strong and leaves the skin smooth and soft. Love these sprinkles!

Light and tropical

The colour is a perfect light blue and made me think of a tropical holiday. The smell is deep but not to strong. I really enjoyed all the baths I put them in

My partner love it didn't see her for over an hour

Fairy Floss Room Mist
Kristi Leitch
Repeat buyer of this spray!

Tried and loved so reordered. Actually smells like sniffing fairy floss at a carnival!

Like bathing in cupcakes

This scent is the most delightful smell ever. My kids absolutely love the bath sprinkle

Perfect for those that don’t have a bath!

Whilst our bath leaked and couldn’t be used this was perfect for filling my bath bomb needs with only the shower. The smell was Devine and the aroma lasted long after the shower was finished.

Love the sprinkles.

These smell absolutely amazing ❤️❤️

Stevie on my mind.

Love love love Stevie. This is one of my favorites. You can't go wrong with a Stevie.

Solid soap for a good massaging clean

Hubby loved this. Smells good, feels good and last longer than normal soap cakes.

Love love love this soap!

I love all of your soaps but this one is my fav….leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and the fragrance is so fresh!


Absolutely love these. I surprised my husband and he couldn't stop laughing.

Fantastically foamy

The foaming and smell of this is just as good as in the Adult Only bombs. Wife loves the feel too

Stevie Body Custard

Stevie Body Custard is so beautiful, the scent is Amazing. I use it instead of a perfume at the moment. Leaves the skin lovely and soft. 10 out of 10

My boyfriend not shy to admit he is obsessed

We bought the lychee body custard on a whim and it is the best thing we ever did. The smell is amazing, it stays with you for hours. I’m constantly catching my boyfriend rubbing some on his arms before he gets dressed, he is pushing for us to buy more. You won’t be disappointed it feels so good on. Fizzin is truly a wizard x

Adults Pack
Stephen Scanlin
Loved it!

What's not to like! Great gift to give and receive! Loved it both times I've got it

Love it

Absolutely love it, like all the other fizzin products I have. Can’t help myself but to buy more!!


I’m not sure why but my capsules didn’t seem to have any lube it was like a capsule of sand not very pleasant at all

clitter maniac

dude cannot get enough. the glitter makes my clitter sparkle. it was so bright tho it blinded my husband :/ it looked like a confeti bomb when i squirted!!! half the wall is covered in clitter glitter! doubles as a new wallpaper!

Love Everything

I've never not loved everything I've been buying from Ellie for over 3 years now. This face mask pack is the same and one of my new faves :)

Probably my favourite

I've tried many different bombs from Fizzin and I think this one is my favourite scent and colour ❤

Returning customer

I have been buying the capsules for over a year, I will continue to do so 😏