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Maria Burns
Best Gift Ever

Purchased these as a gift for a work colleague and the smells are amazing! She loves them.

OMG you need this!!

I have never smelt a Room mist quite amazing! Best purchase I have bought. The smell is so close to the perfume and lasts for ages. Will be buying more and stocking up for gifts as well!

OMG you need this!!

I have never smelt a Room mist quite amazing! Best purchase I have bought. The smell is so close to the perfume and lasts for ages. Will be buying more and stocking up for gifts as well!

Love it

Smell is so amazing and strong.

Aphrodisiac Room Mist

Soft and alluring 💕

Smells amazing

Bubble baths and bullet vibes mmm

Generous sized bath bomb, smells divine, skin feels soft and beautifu. The toy was as expected, waterproof, small, powerful.
will absolutely consider buying again, or gifting to some special friends haha, loved it xoxo

Amazing 🤩

I love the smell of these whenever I have a shower. For me in my tiny ensuite shower one steamers last 4-5 showers but that is being wet constantly. Not only does it make my shower smell fantastic but my ensuite and bedroom as well. I have already ordered more steamers (and some for my family to) cause I’m so in love with these.

His [1 Million]
Dwain Vermaak

A close friend recommended I try them now I want all the varieties..


Hands down the best watermelon bath bomb I have ever EVER used! It smells divine and it just ticks all the boxes. Watermelon is my fave scent for anything and I get so excited when I see anything new with Watermelon but can get a tad sad when some things turn out to be absolute crap...but not this one. Will most definitely purchase again.

Dick Soap
Jodie wright
Dick soap

Absoulty loved these dicks they smell amazing look awesome in ya bathroom us girls get a good giggle every time make good pranks on the male in tge House love ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ them

Redskins Soap
A step back in delicious time ❤️

I purchased this soap for my sister and she screamed when she saw the name and then smelled it haha. Redskins have been her fave lolly since we were kids and this soap...when I tell you it smells exactly like it but also once lathered up, on skin and then washed off it never loses any of its sparkle notes. It brings back those fun childhood memories whilst also adding such a beautiful aroma for hourssss!!

I adore this soap!

So the cherry blossom soap is to die for. The scent is spot on and my lingers in the air and is so unbelievably beautiful to smell it when i walk into my bathroom hours after I last used it. It feels like actual liquid velvet when lathering up. I honestly can not say enough amazing things about these soaps!


The Watermelon soap is devine!the beautiful smell hits you immediately and it feels like velvet whilst lathering up with water. And I love that the smell afterwards isn't strong or is fresh and gorgeous smell. Will definitely be purchasing again

Kristi Leitch
My Son loved this!

My little man is a horror movie lover and said this was the coolest bath bomb ever! He said it smelled awesome too!

Fab product, spiced up xmas gift giving

Amazing product, such a beautiful smelling product too and a surprise inside for everyone who received it!

Love this product!
The scent is incredible, great formula, very hydrating on the skin.

Leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling amazing, absolutely love this bath bomb range and every scent smells fabulous 🩵


Works wonders 😄

Bullet fizzin bomb

A beautiful fragrance and an exceptional fizzin surprise inside 🤫

Fizzin C Bomb

I purchased this, not really knowing what I had bought. Really, honesty lol! So I gifted this to someone who would appreciate it more & have some fizzin fun 👍

Dick Soap
Ashlee Olsen
Love it

Perfect gift for the gals, great laugh.
I got one in each flavour. They all smell amazing. Scent is so strong. Love them.

Shower gel

The shower gel I ordered smelled amazing I really loved it, stayed on your skin a while afterwards.

Cherry Blossom Bath Sprinkle

Beautiful Scent smells so lovely, and the colour of your bath is a very bright pretty pink, makes your skin feel so smooth and soft highly recommend giving it a go 😊

Fizzin Loofah
Tiana Kayem
So soft

So soft and spongy, a great buy. Have got some for family members with other products as gifts as well.