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Great colour and smell

Bomb was a great success, wife's been very impressed by all the products from here :). Don't think she will use the capsule though

Great colour, great smell

The bomb was great, wife loved it. Haven't used the surprise yet, but looks to be halfway decent :)

Great cady and pillow

Wife loves them both, the pillow gets the most use, unfortunately the cady doesn't really fit our bath (the bath is too narrow)

Amazing quality

This site was the first site I have bought proper bath bombs from and they were amazing, I decided to check out other stores to see if they were just as good and nope nothing beats fizzin bath bombs, the bath bombs are huge and bubbles come up very good, nothing to complain about here at all 10000/10% will recommend to other people looking for a good bath bomb!

Mango + Lime Bath Sprinkle
Janelle McPherson
Mango and lime bath sprinkle

Fantastic pick me up! Fizz away in the bath.

Mango + Lime Mini Bath Bombs
Janelle McPherson
Mango and lime mini bath bombs

Love love love love

Pomegranate mini bath bombs

Love love love love

Best bath ever!

This bomb smelt AMAZING, bigger than I expected. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a bath quite so much. 11/10 will be back :)

Watermelon Mini Bath Bombs
Renee Okeefe O'Keefe
Sensitive skin tlc

I struggle with sensitive skin, I have reactions to fragrances and soaps. When I tried fizzing bath bombs I was amazed by the varieties and had no reactions at all to any of her products. Was left with smoother and sweeter smelling skin. Changed my whole bath routine for the better.

Pomegranate [Limited Edition] Hair Mask
Stacey Woolley
My hair has never felt so smooth

I have always struggled with flyaways (even more so when pregnant) and this hair mask has made them virtually disappear

Pomegranate [Limited Edition]
Hilary M
Perfect Pomegranate

Looked and smelt amazing and made my skin feel so soft. Love it!


The bathbombs are enourmous, way bigger than I was expecting. The bullet inside is good, just had to fiddle with the way the batteries were installed to get it to work correctly. The smell and foaming of the bomb was awesome. Getting some more soon!

Wife loves it

The smell is divine, we were surprised at how foamy it got. And she was nicely surprised in the toy inside. Planning on getting the others some day.

Tangerine Bath Sprinkle
Janelle McPherson
Tangerine bath sprinkles

Smells amazing, makes you feel warm and fuzzy!

Janelle McPherson

Love this, smells amazing and the bubbles ❤️❤️

Coconut & lime body custard

I love the Lime Coconut body custard as it leaves my skin feeling soft moisturized & non greasy.


Absolutely love this product! Can't stop applying it, just so I can lick it off my lips :-)

All of the fizzin shower gels are lovely, gentle on the shin & they leave no scum on the glass as a lot of commercial soaps do, & the bathroom is left smelling delicious.

Hair mask

The coconut & lime hair mask has worked very well on my fine dry curly hair, giving it more body & curl & less frizz. Very happy hair 😍

Bubblegum Lip Scrub
Tayla Egart

Sooo good, the best I’ve ever used!! It’s amazing.

Smells amazing

Very bubbly. Smells yummy. Love using it with my loofer.


Makes my whole house smell amazing!!!

Miracle mask

Love how this mask tames my frizz and curls and I can’t believe how long scent lasts!!!

Very enjoyable

Scrub is a dream. Makes the bathroom smell yummy too.

Smells amazing

I really like this one goes on smooth, smells good.

I just wish it came in a pump bottle, easier than unscrewing a lid