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Hers Shower Gel

Hands down this is my new favourite!

Absolutely great!

Made my skin feel amazing and I have bad skin all the time but this made me feel so much better about it!

Stevie (original) Review

I really love this fragrance, it smells like nature and peace. I first tried it as a body scrub and I liked it so much I thought a bath bomb would be amazing. It was magnificent.

Lychee Martini Shower Gel

Always been my fave soap so love having this as a shower gel now!

Loving these!!

These Halloween bath bombs are so fun, smell amazing & last a really really long time.
They also make a lot of bubbles which I love!! They also made my skin feel super soft! Love!!


I love my baths, but I don't get the chance to have them as often as I'd like (despite my vast collection of Fizzin products ;) )
These shower steamers are PHENOMINAL! I feel as relaxed and amazing as I would with a regular bathbomb. The smell is divine, my skin is so soft and it lasts for ages. Will DEFINITELY be stocking up on these babies! Thanks Ellie!!!

So nice!

Loving the mood lifter body scrub. Smells ssooooo nice!

Best Sellers
Ellie Jenkins

The bath bombs are absolutely amazing and smell just as good 😍

Spooky fun

I used the bubblegum ghost last night. The smell was just right not too strong or sweet and it made the water all aqua coloured and velvety. It took a while to totally dissolve in the water this was great. Value for money 👍🏻

Fabulous and fresh

I used the mask with my spooky bath bomb. It's so fun to apply with the brush and comes off easily leaving me feeling extra fresh

Unicorn [Bubblegum] Hair Mask
Charlotte Hope - @charlotte.ann.hope
Best hair mask I have ever used

This is honestly the best hair mask I have ever used. My hair is looking so much healthier and is so much Softer and feels incredible. I love it so much. Perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Fairy Floss Soap
Charlotte Hope - @charlotte.ann.hope
Amazing soap

Smells incredible and makes me feel amazing.

Indie [Pink Sugar] Bath Salts
Love it!

Smells amazing and feels so relaxing.

Amalfi Coast Shower Gel
Nadeesha De Alwis
Smells so divine!!!

Ok honestly the BEST body wash I have ever used. The smell is so amazing. I definitely makes me feel like I am by the beach. The body wash itself keep the skin moisturised and supple. It also has a great lather. I love it and will purchase more in the future.


I love the smell of this so much. I use it on my feet and it is amazing. Skin is so soft afterwards. I do wish the granules were a bit smaller though. I have sensitive skin and it seems a bit rough on it.


Such a good quality product, Fizzin are the best!

Must buy!!

Amazing product, a must buy!

Smells so good!!

Best body scrub I’ve ever used! 5 Stars!

Love it !

Absolutely loved this bath bomb high recommend 👌🏼👌🏼

Sandalwood + Vanilla
Dean Wickman
The best 👌🏼

So so good ❤️❤️

His [1 Million]
Dean Wickman
100% Recommend

Soooo good!!!! Love this one 👌🏼❤️

Amalfi Coast
Dean Wickman

Love this bath bomb, smells absolutely amazing! Fizzin makes the highest quality stuff 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

BEST shaving cream (and smells a whole lot better too)

Ok so hear me out, this might sound odd but I've started using this as an alternative to shaving cream and it works WONDERS! Not only did I smell divine after, but it also left my legs the softest they've ever been post-shave. It's thick enough on its own so you don't need to lather it on and waste product (I only ended up needing like a teaspoon for each full leg). You'd be surprised as well, just the remanence of it in the bathwater made the rest of my body so soft. I seriously have nothing but good things to say about it.

Smells Devine

The coconut and lime body custard smells so good. You could almost eat it
My skin has never been so smooth and hydrated

His [1 Million]
Lisa Ronning
The His is Sexy

The’His’ Bath bomb smells amazing it actually turns me on and makes me wanting more….