Stevie came along...

Which is why Fizzin was even a thought!

Check out some of my favourite milestones of the business so's been a wholeee lot of fun.

I had no idea I was actually starting a 'business' at this point

Beginning of Fizzin

In December of 2016 our first range of Bath Bombs was created.

It started out of pure boredom.

I had a history of having multiple jobs at a time and always keeping busy. Then along came my first daughter Stevie! An absolute champ of a sleeper [at the start that is] I found myself constantly trying to keep myself busy but not really sure what to do being stuck at home with a newborn.

I decided to teach myself how to make something. It was perfect. I could have a little table in the dining room that wasn't being used and I could fill in my days.

I went with Bath Bombs for a few reasons.

1. I used Bath Bombs all. of. the. time.

2. I had never actually looked at the ingredients and had no idea what they were even made of.

3. I thought I would have time to use the products while Stevie would nap.

So, after hours of researching I managed to come up with a recipe, buy some ingredients online and found my first fragrance - Sandalwood and Musk.

Thinking this was gonna be a one-off appearance

Fizzin's first market

I had spent a couple of months making Bath Bombs now. I was getting better and had spent quite few hundred on ingredients, tools, mixing bowls and some storage containers. Definitely not what I was expecting to happen when I stumbled upon the idea.

This also left me with more Bath Bombs than I could use. My Mum suggested "Hey, you could sell these at a market".

So, after googling about markets in the area I found one that sounded good and applied. I got myself an ABN and some insurance and uploaded a bunch of [terrible] photos of my products. Somehow I managed to get myself in. Now I had to find everything for a market setup.

I started with a 6ft trestle table and some wicker baskets with labels of the Bath Bomb names. They were all labeled something fancy and not what the fragrance actually was. I spent the day having people ask what the fragrance actually was. Safe to say, that was changed pretty quickly.

By the end of the day I had pretty much sold out. I couldn't believe it. It was the funnest day I had had in soooo long [being stuck inside with a newborn really makes you crave some adult interaction]. I managed to pay for my day and put some money into buying more stock so I could attend the next market!

I made a website!

I had done quite a few markets by this stage and had a whole lot of people asking if I had a website or a way of sending them to friends and family interstate.

I had ZERO idea of what I was doing [I mean, I'm still sorta winging it as I go along]. I created a website that doesn't even resemble what it looks like now. I could've been selling something totally different. I had 5 different fragrances in Bath Bombs and that was about it. A wholeee lot different to what you can shop now.

The website launched April 11th and I had my first order come through on April 12th. I then realised I didn't have any idea about how I can actually ship the products and how to get it to them! So after many emails and phone calls I worked it out and had the postie picking up my orders the following day, shipping Bath Bombs around Australia!

The Adults Only Bath Bombs started

My first Adults Only Bath Bomb was called the SEX BOMB [I still have one called that but he's slightly different].

It still had a capsule inside the Bath Bomb which contained a dare for you as a couple to do. Nothing to cray cray, just a bit cheeky. It wasn't long before I added the other Adults Only Bath Bombs...

This is when it ALL changed

Christian Hull posted about my Adults Only range

It. Was. Fucking. Craziness.

Fizzin was still 'side-hustle' up until this point. I was working a couple of days a week in a bar, I had Stevie who was now 2 and a half, and doing markets prettyyyy much every weekend with her in tow. I was busy.

I had a box of the Adults Only Bath Bombs after doing some website photos. I followed Christian and all his hilarious videos and thought "Hey, he might get a kick out of these". I sent them to his PO Box and that was that.

Fast forward around 2 weeks, I had totally forgotten I had sent them to him. I was at the bar and at around 9pm I heard my phone make the 'cha-ching' sound any business owner loves. But, I heard quite a few of them. I thought 'hmm, why am I getting so many orders at once?' Like, I'm talking every few seconds I was getting that sound.

I looked on my website and saw I had over 200 people on my website. I almost died. I had never had that many people on there AT ONCE.

I was trying to work out what was going on when I saw 'Christian Hull started following you' on my Instagram. Christian Hull. Following little ol' Fizzin Bath Bombs. I was laughing so much at what a 'pinch me' moment this was. He had made a few stories on his Instagram and was testing out the Bath Bombs, which was then compiled into an AMAZING video [you can see it here].

He then posted it to Facebook and my website crashed. It was mental.

I got home from the bar laughing and screaming I could barely sleep. I woke up the next day and I had done a YEARS worth of sales OVERNIGHT. I looked at my phone and I felt sick. I had ZERO idea how I was meant to make that many Bath Bombs. And where was I gonna find the stock? And all the toys? And post them? The list went on. I spent 2 weeks in the garage, barely eating or sleeping, making as many Bath Bombs as I could.

All the orders were out the door within 2 weeks after many sleepless nights and a lot of posts on Facebook groups asking for tips on sending out hundreds of orders at a time.

Fizzin was no longer a side-hustle

After Christian's video the orders weren't slowing down.

I didn't have time to work at the bar 2 days a week and make Bath Bombs on the side. The website was too busy for it so I decided to be totally self-employed.

I had no business experience before this and it was scary. A lot of "what-if's" ran through my mind but I decided that I had to make it work.

You could find me at Sexpo

One of the BEST weekends of my life. I had a corner stall at Sexpo Melbourne all to myself.

I got to meet Fizzin customers that had been purchasing online for months, and a whole lot of new ones.

Slightly different crowd to what you would have at your local Sunday morning market haha!

Indie joined the Fizzin Fam

Born 2 days before my birthday [she's lucky, I did NOT want to share the day], Indie Ava joined us!


I got some AMAZING recognition for the Adults Only range of Bath Bombs.

Best New Adult Product...AUSTRALIA WIDE!