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my clitter™ capsules: 3 pack

my clitter™ capsules: 3 pack

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My Clitter is the perfect way to add that sparkle to play time.
Insert the capsule into the vagina up to 2 hours before the fun time begins. The capsule will dissolve releasing a sparkly mixture of shimmer and lube adding a magical element to your sex life!
If Tinkerbell uses lube, this is it!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Heather Leonard
Hysterical laughing

I put a blue capsule in and waited 3 hours until we did our thing. Nothing really happened at first and then when it was over my husband was covered in blue glitter down below and so was I. I laughed so hard that I cried, saying it looked like we'd gotten busy with some Smurfs. Definitely worth the the novelty! We experienced no discomfort or issues, though I suspect I will be a bit sparkly for a few days.

No lube

There is no lube in these. It's just a capsule of glitter. Does not dissolve at all. It's like pulling out glitter clay.

Shelly Bowden
Very sparkly

Great product. 👍
Didn't dissolve within 2 hrs, however that could be an individual concern, not a product thing.
So many giggles.
Will try again for sure.

Big P
This made her Big P so happy 🤩

I got the Clitter pills for my friend and she definitely had a funnn time with them 💖. she used them for her and her husbands and it’s safe to say they had a good time last night 🎊 she definitely plans to buy some more for her future husbands 🤞

Shay Garrett

If your up for a laugh, these are it!
GLITTER EVERYWHERE. You'll even look at your child 2 Days later and wonder "HOW DID THEY GET GLITTER ON THEIR HEAD?!?!"
You are sure to sparkle for 3 days after 😂