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Adults Only C-Bomb

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* I contain one vibrating cock ring

Our signature aphrodisiac blend to get you in the mood, with a blend of Sandalwood, Musk and Vanilla.

This bath bomb will not only leave you feeling relaxed, it will leave you with something that will really give you a “buzz” in the bedroom! After bath time, the C-Ring you find will take things to another level.

All our products are handmade, completely free of animal products and cruelty free – Guaranteed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Aphrodisiac bath bomb

The quality and fragrance in this bath bomb is above any others I have bought. It turn the bath a vibrant blue and the fragrance was strong but not over powering.
I’ve already ordered more to stock up.

Josephine Formosa
The gift which keeps giving!

My beautiful friend purchased this bath bomb along with the “other adult” bath bomb for me as a surprise gift.
As soon as I opened the bag I was smacked in the face with the most intense, euphoric scent, it was gorgeous!
Seeing they were bath bombs I left them in the bathroom and began dinner, I DID NOT, I repeat DID NOT read the fine print!
Fast forward an hour, my little man (5 years old) who loves bath bombs is in the bath, with the bomb, squealing with excitement from the fizz and amazing colours. I can smell it from the next room too!
My little boy screams “Mum I’m playing with the ball”
I think it’s one of his bath toys but boy was I wrong!
20 min later, he comes out of his room in his pyjamas telling me how much he loves me and wants to marry me.
“Mummy I love you, you can marry me. I have a ring!”
I look down and don’t know whether to laugh, cry or take a photo.
On his finger is a c#*k ring which was in the ball he was playing with in the bath! 😂 I died!
Moral of the story… buy these bath bombs, they look, smell and feel amazing one dissolved.
And please, for the sake of all that is good and pure like my 5 year old son, read the card that comes with them!
Peace out! ✌️

Tony M
Great colour, great smell

The bomb was great, wife loved it. Haven't used the surprise yet, but looks to be halfway decent :)

Kellie L.

It turned the water to the most amazing blue 💙
Just love, love, love this 😍

Shay Jensen
C bomb

This adult bath bomb was super vibrant and fun for us while also having a hidden toy inside what more could you want! Plus the shipping for it to get here was extremely quick. The scent was so yummy too really spiced the mood.

  • "Literally the best"

    So I’ve ordered twice now, and I honestly am in love with these products. They’re so so so good, I have sensitive skin and I have no reactions whatsoever. Everything smells amazing, and I’m honestly in love. I’ve been recommending this business to every single one of my friends, and even coworkers needing to get gifts for a friends or family. I can’t recommend this place enough, and I’m for sure gonna be buying from you guys as much as possible, and giving these products as gifts, it’s this good. 10/10 best bath products I’ve ever used

    - Katelyn

  • "Best Bath Products EVER"

    Fizzin bath bombs have the best bath and shower and products ever. Everything smells amazing and incredible quality. Such amazing customer service and fast delivery!!!

    - Charlotte

  • "Nothing short of AMAZING!"

    There are no other words to describe all products from fizzin other than AMAZING! Never buying bath, shower or body products anywhere else!
    I usually have bad reactions to anything I put on my skin but have no had a issues with any products from Fizzin!
    Love love love! Recommend to everyone! Xxx

    - Tamika