Tillie [Black Raspberry + Vanilla] Hair Mask


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Transform your hair from dry and brittle, to shiny, smooth and smelling fresh in just a few minutes!

Named after our first niece Matilda!

This fragrance is a combination of raspberries, blackberries and vanilla. It’s a little bit sweet, a little bit seductive.

Customer Reviews

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Silky smooth

I've never been a fan of hair masks, but my hair thanks me for giving these a go! It has never felt smoother, with all the flyaways controlled, and best of all, no greasy feeling afterwards!

Shelby Ouston
A Hair Saver

Your products are absolutely top shelf.
I have terrible curly hair that knots like it is trying to make its own dreadlocks! And makes washing my hair and brushing out the knots absolutely hell! I have tried so many things and nothing works. Until I gave your Hair masks a go, as conditioner.. I am never ever spending my money on conditioner elsewhere apart from your store!
Thank you for finally giving my hair the actual break it needs

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