Fairy Floss Body Scrub

Fairy Floss Body Scrub

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Get ready to buff away all that dry skin and have the smoothest, softest, most GLOWING skin of your life.

Made with skin-loving oils to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated, with the added power of Sugar to help get rid of that dead skin buildup nobody wants.

Simple to use, and will leave you smelling delish.

 So, what am I made of?

- Sucrose [A fancy way of saying 'Sugar'. The sugar granules help to buff away any buildup of dry skin. You are left with smooth, glowing skin] 

- Cocos Nucifera [A fancy way of saying 'Coconut Oil'. Aside from being the perfect moisturising agent for your skin, Coconut Oil contains anti-inflammatory properties and aids in treating any acne.]

- Jojoba Oil [Contains anti-inflammatory properties and it also helps reduce any redness in the skin]

- Essential fragrance oil [Because of course you need the whole bathroom to smell amazing while you're in there]

- Vitamin E [Keeps your skin hydrated whilst fighting visible signs of ageing and reduce the appearance of any scars.]

But, I have sensitive skin!

Don't worry, Honey. I gotchu.

All of our recipes are formulated with exactly you in mind!

Everything you can find on our store is safe for sensitive skin, with plenty of testimonials to tell you just that.

If you find the scrub to be too abrasive [the skin on your legs is a whole lot tougher than the skin around your neck] add a small amount of water to your hands before applying to the skin to help soften the scrub on delicate areas.

So...not to be awkward, but how do you use a Body Scrub?

Different people have different times they like to use their scrub. 

I personally do mine while conditioning my hair. By this point I've been in the shower for a few minutes and my skin is wet and softened.

Using small handfuls, buff the scrub in circular motions over desired areas. If you can leave it sit for a few minutes you'll come out feeling even smoother.

If you are after even more of an exfoliation, you can use it while your skin is dry. While standing in the shower you can buff the scrub everywhere and then shower like normal. The scrub will be coarser if your skin and hands are dry.

Can the Body Scrubs be used everywhere?

They most certainly can!

Different areas of the body will require different levels of exfoliation. For example, the skin on your legs is dryer and tougher than the skin on your neck.

I like to start with my legs as they need the most help, so by the time I've done the rest of my body the scrub has stayed there the longest.

If you are wanting to do it on softer areas such as the neck and the face, add a little bit of water to your hands with the scrub to help soften the sugar a little. It will still work as an exfoliator, it just won't be quite as rough as what you used on your legs.

The Body Scrubs are filled with skin-loving oils, so be mindful that the shower can become slippery when using.

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