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Fairy Floss

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Cotton Candy as some of you may call it...sugary strawberry deliciousness.

Our Fizzin Bath Bombs will fill your bath with colours and aromas that will help you relax and leave the day behind.

The fragrance oils will take you to another place and the release of bath salts will help your muscles and body completely relax.

Our Bath Bombs are 80mm – Ensuring a long lasting fizz that will fill the bath with colour and fragrance.

All our products are handmade, completely free of animal products and cruelty free – Guaranteed.

 So, what am I made of?

- Sodium Bicarbonate [a fancy way of saying Bi-Carb Soda, I help to soften the skin]

- Citric Acid [I make it fizz]

- Epsom Salts [I will help ease those aching muscles]

- Kaolin Clay [I am great at drawing out impurities and any excess oil in the skin]

- Sodium Coco Sulphate [Don't confuse me with my enemy SLSA! I am a totally natural ingredient derived from Coconuts and make amazing bubbles in the water]

- Essential fragrance oil [Because of course you need the whole bathroom to smell amazing while you're in there]

- Water-Soluble Colour [A lot of Bath Bomb makers out there use different types of colours [like Mica]. Mica needs another oil to make it disperse in the water. Incorrectly done, you come out looking like a Smurf and have a big ol' nasty ring around your tub. Ain't nobody got time for that. Our colours simply mix with water - meaning you won't be stained, and your bath is clean when you hop out!]

But, I have sensitive skin!

Don't worry, Honey. I gotchu.

All of our recipes are formulated with exactly you in mind!

Everything you can find on our store is safe for sensitive skin, with plenty of testimonials to tell you just that.

So...not to be awkward, but how do you use a Bath Bomb?

Our Bath Bombs give off some amazing bath art with our vibrant colours.

We think its best if you fill your tub [between 37-41 degrees celsius is the ideal bath temperature] drop the Bath Bomb in and watch it do it's thing [now is the time to get that perfect Insta shot].

Hop in the bath, sit back and relax.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I have never been so sad that I can't eat a bath bomb. This is one of many I've tried now and every single one smells DELICIOUS. The colours in the water are so pretty, Insta shots are easy. They leave skin feeling silky smooth, they're just PERFECT for when you need to unwind and relax. Serial customer now, absolutely awesome

5 x stars

Not only does my little one love the smell of this but having a little one means having less water in the bath.....we took this out after we got the desired amount of colour And fragrance and unbelievably we got 5 baths from the one bomb!!!! 5!! I’m so impressed and can’t wait to use the other 3 we got in our pack. Money so well spent

Why don’t they taste as good as they smell?

I wish I could eat bath bombs.. that or I should probably buy a fairy floss machine!



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