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Welcome to Fizzin Bath Bombs!

Our bath bomb products have been tried and tested (by very willing guinea pigs) to hit all your sweet spots.

All of our bath bombs come gift wrapped ready to give to your BF, BFF, or of course, keep it for yourself!

Want to order a 12 pack of our Bath Bombs? It's easy! Swipe through the photos to check out our pre-made pack selection to make your life that much easier, or select 12 of your own! Simply type your option in the message box and your order is on the way!

What selections are in the pre-made boxes?

The Originals - One of each of course

What scents are the Bath Bombs?
Plain Jane - Vanilla
Sweetie Pie - Vanilla Cupcake
Peachy - You got it. Peach.
Frangipani - Again? Frangipani.
Fruit Juice - Guava
Lime Pa'Pie'Ya - Papaya and Lime. See what I did there?
Sandalwood+Rose - You're getting good at this game. Sandalwood. Rose.
His - 'Musky' man
Rose - Wow. I'm impressed you guessed that one!
Stevie - Vanilla and Patchouli (my daughters name is Stevie so obvs one had to be after her)
Lychee Tea - Lychee and Black Tea
Lavender - Uh-huh. Typical.