How much is postage?

We have a flat rate fee of $10 tracked postage Australia wide. 


What are the bath bombs made of?

Our bath bombs are all made bicarbonate of soda, citric acid and epsom salts. Each bath bomb has it's own signature scent using fragrance oil and colour additive


 How do you use a bath bomb?

Simply fill up the bath and put the bath bomb in. Wait a few minutes for it to dissolve, or hop in and feel the fizz


 Will it stain my bath?

The bath bombs are made with enough colouring to change the colour of the water but nowhere near enough to stain the bath. If there is any oil or glitter residue left over then simply wipe it off with a cloth


 Do bath bombs expire?

In short, yes. The quicker you use it, the better it will fizz and the stronger it will smell. If they are left for months on end the colour may fade a little and it gives the smell a chance of wearing off. This doesn't mean it will hurt your skin, it just may not fizz as much as it should


 How do they fizz?

It is a simple chemical reaction. When the bicarbonate of soda and citric acid combine with the water it releases carbon dioxide which then creates a fizzing reaction

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