About Us

Where to even START?!
Since the age of 14 and 9 months (the legal age in Victoria) I've always had a job. Multiple jobs at times. 
From the age of 18 I got a job in a bar and stayed in hospitality for quite a few years.
At the ripe young age of 22 I fell pregnant. Work didn't stop, I still worked until 38 weeks pregnant, on my feet, for at least 50 hours a week. Legit couldn't be stopped (luckily I had the easiest pregnancy in the entire world).
Then Stevie came into the world. Finally something was able to make me stop working! Until a few months went by and I had a baby that slept for what seemed like 24/7 and needed something to do to fill in some down time.
After googling some crafts to make at home I came across "Soap".
I thought, "hmm, surely I can work this out". After a bit of pondering I thought of Bath Bombs. 
I am a SUCKER for baths. If I had time they'd be a daily thing. I had used Bath Bombs plenty of times in the past but then when I really thought about it, I realised I actually had no idea what they were made of or HOW they were made. Turns out, people use a lot of unnecessary 'fillers' that are not beneficial, nor are they actually GOOD for you! So I decided to change that and make a quality, vegan product.
So I started researching and researching and reading and watch video after video, before I thought "stuff it, I'll give them a go".
I started with just 5 moulds, 1 colour and 2 fragrances (Sandalwood and Lavender). I was ordering my products 1kg at a time, trying to find that perfect recipe.
After about 30 recipes later I found one that worked! I gave them to friends and family before being told by multiple people that I could sell them. It wasn't even something I had thought about! I went to a few local markets and saw plenty of people with bars of soap, but not necessarily Bath Bombs. I was onto something. 
I found some local markets and booked myself in. I went and bought a trestle table, some storage, and a flat sheet for my table with a couple of random bits of decoration.
I had to hire a marquee and weights, and almost completely sold out of stock.
I was on a mission.
I've now just hit the 2 year mark. A lot has changed.
It's now grown from 5 different fragrances to over 25.
There's Lip Balms.
Lip Scrubs.
Body Scrubs.
Body Milk.
Shower Gel.
Adults Only Range.
All of my products are totally handmade, everything is done completely from scratch and sourced locally. Every order I do a little happy dance and thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support!
So if you've made it this far, that's my story of how Fizzin came about...now it's time to see what I spend my days creating!