My Clitter™ Capsules - 3 Pack
My Clitter™ Capsules - 3 Pack

My Clitter™ Capsules - 3 Pack

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My Clitter is the perfect way to add that sparkle to play time.
Insert the capsule into the vagina up to 2 hours before the fun time begins. The capsule will dissolve releasing a sparkly mixture of glitter and lube adding a magical element to your sex life!
If Tinkerbell uses lube, this is it!
So, how do these even work?!

My Clitter is formulated from natural, vegan friendly products which ensures you have hours of fun in and outside of the bedroom. 

The capsule is water-based glitter lube, which is designed to be inserted into the vagina up to 2 hours prior to play time and intercourse. Once inserted, the capsule will dissolve within the natural moisture within the vagina, creating a safe and fun lubricant with a sparkle, allowing for hours of fun! My Clitter can be used as often as you like and will continue to sparkle for up to 3 days after being inserted! 

But, are they even safe?

Although My Clitter capsules are made from Australian Standard Food Grade products, we do not recommend the following: 

• Swallowing the lube capsules.

• Inserting into non self-cleansing body cavities.

• Using after the expiry date, or after 6 months of purchase. 

• If you currently are experiencing, or previously experienced infections or problems.

Our lubricants are formulated using similar products lip gloss are formulated with, therefore they are safe to be used in and around the mouth and should not cause irritation. 

The vagina is a self-cleansing area and the lubricant will naturally be cleaned from your body.

Please Note: Some people may have different reactions to lubricants or inserted novelty items. If you have prior infections or problems in the vaginal area please do not use this novelty product.

Okay, now how do I use it?

  1. For best experience, insert capsule up to 1-2 hours prior to play time, or
  2. Insert after a hot shower, or
  3. To speed up the process wet the capsule before insertion.
  4. Increase play time lubrication by simply adding water.

Customer Reviews

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Fizzin bath bombs

Bought for a friend.
Recived the goodies in a couple days.
She loves the bombs and glitter and wants more. Happy little vagemite ;)