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Adults Pack

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* I contain 

1 x Bullet Bomb

1 x C-Bomb

1 x Clitter Bomb

1 x Sex Bomb 

Can't decide on just ONE Adults Bomb?

Get them all in one convenient, kinky pack!

 So, what am I made of?

- Sodium Bicarbonate [a fancy way of saying Bi-Carb Soda, I help to soften the skin]

- Citric Acid [I make it fizz]

- Epsom Salts [I will help ease those aching muscles]

- Kaolin Clay [I am great at drawing out impurities and any excess oil in the skin]

- Sodium Coco Sulphate [Don't confuse me with my enemy SLSA! I am a totally natural ingredient derived from Coconuts and make amazing bubbles in the water]

- Essential fragrance oil [Because of course you need the whole bathroom to smell amazing while you're in there]

- Water-Soluble Colour [A lot of Bath Bomb makers out there use different types of colours [like Mica]. Mica needs another oil to make it disperse in the water. Incorrectly done, you come out looking like a Smurf and have a big ol' nasty ring around your tub. Ain't nobody got time for that. Our colours simply mix with water - meaning you won't be stained, and your bath is clean when you hop out!]

But, I have sensitive skin!

Don't worry, Honey. I gotchu.

All of our recipes are formulated with exactly you in mind!

Everything you can find on our store is safe for sensitive skin, with plenty of testimonials to tell you just that.

So...not to be awkward, but how do you use a Bath Bomb?

Our Bath Bombs give off some amazing bath art with our vibrant colours.

We think its best if you fill your tub [between 37-41 degrees celsius is the ideal bath temperature] drop the Bath Bomb in and watch it do it's thing [now is the time to get that perfect Insta shot].

Hop in the bath, sit back and relax.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Purchased as a novelty gift...but I can’t get over how nice the bath bombs make my skin feels. I’ll purchase again just for the bath bombs because they are so good. Also so impressed my item was sent with express post so my gift arrived in time. Very impressed all round with the amazing service

Absolutely Amazing

Bought the 4pack as a treat to myself and my partner, didn’t tell him that they were a little bit different to our regular bath Bombs and loved seeing his reaction as we found out what each little surprise was, the bath bombs themselves were amazing quality and left my skin feeling and smelling amazing and as for the treats inside I was highly impressed the the quality of each item


Bath bombs smell fantastic with each exciting surprise inside.
I wasn’t a lover of bath bombs until I had these. Won’t order from anywhere else!!

Best ever

I love the adult bath bombs they helped me and my partner spice up our sex life, would definitely buy again!

Best ever

These are the best and funniest bath bombs I have ever had. The smell of them and the feel of them in the bath is truly amazing and it has certainly done wonders in the bedroom as the husband loves them just as much as I do